Video: Cichlid Pool 2012

This time we shoved the Repashy into a hole in the rock. The crowd goes wild!

Our pond is up and stocked with a whack of critters from Lakes Malawi and Victoria, including Pseudotropheus acei, Ps. flavus, Ps. saulosi, Ps. lombardoi, Astatotilapia latisfaciata, Paralabidochromis sauvagei, and Labidochromis caeruleus. The algae bloom we had earlier in the spring is dying off with the addition of a UV sterilizer (that’s all the floaty stuff you see in the video). Toward the end of the video is a hand-feeding of Repashy Superfood… the fish LOVE it!

Cichlid Pool 2012


Video: Ptychochromis grandidieri

Ptychochromis grandidieri ‘East Coast Gold’ (Sauvage 1882)
This fish is found near the eastern coast of Madagascar, often in brackish water. Mature specimens often show gold coloration, which gives the fish its name.

Ptychochromis grandidieri

Video Additions!

Haplochromis sp. ‘flavenentis’

Haplochromis cyaneus

Haplochromis sp. ‘blue obliquidens’

Pundamilia igneopinnis

Yssichromis piceatus

Yssichromis pyrrhocephalus

Neochromis greenwoodi

Alcolapia alcalicus

Crenichthys baileyi baileyi (a little goodeid from the USA – neither cichlid nor African, but very cool nonetheless)


Video: Neochromis greenwoodi

This male Neochromis greenwoodi was trying to spawn with anything he could tonight. There are a couple ripe females in his harem so it is a safe bet there will be a mouth full of eggs very soon.

Neochromis greenwoodi Mwanza



New Videos!

We’ve recently added some videos (listed below) to our YouTube channel. Please be sure to subscribe 🙂

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And now on to the new videos!

Oreochromis esculentus

Haplochromis sp. ‘Kenya gold’

Xystichromis sp. ‘Kyoga flameback’

Thoracochromis brauschi

Amatitlania nigrofasciata (Convict Cichlid)… and also Green Swordtails!

Synodontis granulosus

Thoracochromis brauschi


New Puzzle!

Our puzzle page is organized by category (Malawi, Tanganyika, Victoria, Other, and Catfish), and all new puzzles appear at the tops of the columns so they’re easy to find.

Herichthys cyanoguttatus

National Geographic’s Jewel of the Rift

Jewel of the Rift

This has always been one of our favorite documentaries on the cichlid fishes (and other critters) in Lake Tanganyika.

Jewel of the Rift, narrated by Avery Brooks.


New Gallery Image: Cyrtocara moorii

Cyrtocara moorii

Cyrtocara moorii


C.A.R.E.S. Preservation Program

Since many of the fish we work with are in the CARES program, we just added a static page to this blog entitled “C.A.R.E.S.”. to explain what this program is all about. Check it out!


Astatotilapia desfontainii

Astatotilapia desfontainii (Tunisia)

Astatotilapia desfontainii (Tunisia)

Astatotilapia desfontainii

Astatotilapia desfontainii is a small cichlid of 15cm. The base color of mature males is an unassuming olive-green but each scale along the flank has a small dot of reflective and bright blue-green coloration. This color splash allows the fish to appear totally different depending on the angle positioned to a light source.

This extremely rare gem was found in Tunisia and may now be extinct in the wild. To our knowledge, there were only four adult fish in captivity in all of North America a year ago, but now the offspring of these fish have been spread from coast to coast and to Europe, to people that share our interest in preserving and promoting the survival of this species. A  colony has also been sent to a well-known scientist at the New York Aquarium.

~by Greg Steeves