Mini Photo Buttons on CafePress

Just $2 for Cichlid Flair… we’ve put some of our best pics onto little 1″ buttons so you can rock your favorite fish!

Labidochromis caeruleus button

Currently there are 15 to choose from… we will add more soon!


New Puzzles!

Our puzzle page is organized by category (Malawi, Tanganyika, Victoria, Other, and Catfish), and all new puzzles appear at the tops of the columns so they’re easy to find. You can even change the cut and number of pieces!

Pyxichromis orthastoma puzzle

Pyxichromis orthostoma

Lipochromis cf. 'melanopterus' puzzle

Lipochromis cf. 'melanopterus'

Benitochromis nigrodorsalis puzzle

Benitochromis nigrodorsalis

Ancistrus sp. puzzle

Ancistrus sp.

EVENT: FOTAS CARES November 4-6th, San Antonio, Texas

The 2011 Federation of Texas Aquarium Societies (FOTAS) Convention is showcasing CARES this year, and is being hosted by the Hill Country Cichlid Club. Information and registration for the FOTAS CARES convention can be found HERE. See you there!

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